Horses are the best teachers of life

I’ve always wanted to ride horses. I don’t know where I took it from as in my closest surrounding, no one had anything to do with horses. For my first pocket‐money I bought a rocking horse. My first horse‐ riding lesson took place when I was ten. My mom didn’t want to prepare my nameday’s party and took me to a stable for a riding lesson instead. And I stayed in it forever…

I had worked for many years in lots of various stables in Poland, as well as abroad, often to be able to pay for my riding. Through those years, I had been dreaming of my own horse.
It became possible only when I was finishing university. Then, for the money I had been collecting for many years, I bought two‐year‐old Amiga – a mare, who I immediately feel in love with. A mare who, in fact, chose me, not the other way around, and who has changed my whole life. She appeared to be a so-called difficult horse and I could not handle her with the methods I knew at that time. Lots of people tried to convince me that I should get rid of her, saying that one day she might kill me. I didn’t take into consideration such a way out. Helpless and incapable of finding any aid in my closest environment, I started looking for some other methods of working with horses.

Meanwhile I met another horse which appeared to be even more demanding. – my other mare, Zadora. Those two horses, and lots of others I met during this journey, taught me how to open to people around me, to the whole world. They let me discover myself. They are the best teachers of life. I’m so grateful that I would like to repay this debt to them. 
I think I could do that by teaching people how to understand horses, how to work with them according to their nature. This is the only way to make them happier with us, people, around them.
 Often people call me and ask if I help people who have problems with horses and I feel like replying as Robert Redford replied in “The Horse Whisperer”: “No, lady, I help horses who have problems with people”. But I think the offered by my road can help people as well- working with horses we discover what is the best in us!

And then the yoga appeared….

I have started to practice yoga because of many injuries and accidents I had due to the horseback riding. Yoga has shown me, how many tensions we have in our bodies and how much they can disturb us. Then I have noticed that we have a lot of tensions in our minds as well. At the beginning yoga was for me a tool which was supposed to help me to become better with horses, because we need to be in internal and external balance in order to become a good rider. Horses don’t understand our human emotions, getting angry, losing control, lack of patience, tensions in our bodies can put them out of a balance when we are riding them… Later yoga has become a part of my life. It happened thanks to ashtanga which I started to practice few years ago. This yoga style has motivated me to do my own practice every day, changed a lot of things in me, changed the way in which I was perceiving the world around us. I was told once that ashtanga lit up an internal fire. In my case it helps me not to give up, go forwards, to obtain some aims and to fullfil my dreams regardless of some ups and downs which all of us have to face every day in our lifes.

My main horsemanship teachers were: Steve Halfpenny, Bibi Degn, Mete Tranter, Jeff Sanders and Alfonso Aguilar. My main classical trainers were the elder lady who already died unfortunetly, Ms. Ewa who was the daughter of a cavalry officer from before the second world war and a great trainer from Bielarus, Lena.

And my main yoga trainers were: dr Ronald Steiner, Tarik van Prehn Praca, Bobbi Misiti, Gabriele Severini, Balu Thevar, Manju Jois and Nancy Gilgoff.