“The calm and patient way Justyna works with horses to encourage each one to engage and participate with us riders and handlers is a joy to watch and provides a solid knowledge base for a horse working in any discipline.”

Mette Tranter- Connected Riding Instructor


‘I understand that you are trying to bring some new ideas about the relation between horses and humans to Poland. You are interested in new ways, in ways to see the horses more as a respected individuals. I understand that you are trying to open people’s eyes for the needs of the horses. Your wish is to support the learning of people for horses, so that these wonderful animals would be capable to successfully live with us as companions and/or as sports horses – without suffering physically or emotionally. So it is as well about the sake of the horses as about the joy and the success of people who are interested in horses and riding.”

Bibi Degn- TTouch Instructor

“I met Justyna for the first time three years ago, when my horse- Gin was after a long tendon treatment period and luckily for us, Justyna agreed to help us. The core principles of this kind of work weren’t at all contrary to our previous trainer’s philosophy of working with horses who is a “classical” rider with open mind for different methods. Justyna was giving us gradually different exercises which helped me to understand better how the relationship with my horse should look like, how he should move in given situations and finally how to gain his respect. Thanks to them, Gin’s balance improved very much, and my self confidence increased. I learned as well to observe horses much better and to predict their reactions. Justyna is a very patient teacher and she can adjust a training program to the student’s level, and what is even more important, she keeps learning all the time. She doesn’t spoil her students with compliments just to improve their mood, but when I hear a compliment I know that I have really deserved it. Thanks to lessons with Justyna I ride more with, and not on my horse. It is a great follow up and addition to my previous more “classical” lessons (but in fact I think division between “classical” and “natural” horsemanship doesn’t make any sense). Because of the fact I have met two clever instructors (one of “classical” and the other one of “natural” horsemanship), I don’t see any contradictions to each other in them. I think that the best testimony of teacher’s abilities are not those students who are very talented, but those who are quite average and have their problems. I belong to the second group. I started to ride horses when I was 35 and I had a lot of fears and internal inhibitions which I was gradually putting aside to be able to occupy myself with horses. I am not a very athletic person, but watching Gin I can see that he doesn’t feel bad at all having me on his back.

I want to continue learning and I am not planning to change a teacher for sure!”

Joanna Janik

“I had always a dream to have my own horse. Keep him on the pasture close to my house and canter in the neighborhood woods. If it weren’t for Justyna, my dreams wouldn’t have come true. During our lessons I have learned a lot about horses. I started to feel safe in the saddle. I have started to understand what the horse is trying to tell me. Justyna has opened a new world to me in which I don’t only ride horses, but I ride with them, we are becoming the unity. Only when I met her, I understood, how to use a lot of muscles in order to ride in a better harmony with the horse.

Beside it, she has started for me a wonderful mare with a very strong personality. The horse can be ridden with very light signals, we could even say you can ride her with the thought. She can already a lot.
My cooperation with Justyna keeps going, we still use her knowledge and experience, both me and my horses.”

Agnieszka Pleti

“For me, the course of natural horsemanship with Justyna turned out to be a very addictive form of playing with a horse. The work turned out to be mentally intense not only for horses, but also for riders. As they say: “you got into the brain melt”;). Justyna’s professional correction of the body posture while communicating with the horse during the exercises caused that the horses were doing them in the way, if they would have done them all their life. On the second day of the course we did some exercises from the saddle. The horses under the saddle were calm, relaxed,  soft and obedient as never before! And we worked without a bit.

I was expecting a more playful and loose approach on the course, and yet the set of exercises given by Justyna was a very professional form of preparing a horse and rider to work on an advanced level of dressage.

But the biggest, nice surprise for me was the behavior of horses after the course. The horses we’ve been working with spend usually all day in the paddock. After the course they became somehow more open to people: they were eager to be approached by people in the paddock, they were more focused on the human being, as if waiting for the signal, they were more confident and calm. They also showed more respect: they stopped pushing into our space. And we participated only in a 2 day course! ”

Iwona Palac September 2017

“Justyna is a great teach. Her bigger strength is the ability of reading behavioral reactions of a horse (and a rider!)  Each lesson with her brings new things and help me to find a new approach in the excercise I have been doing before. Beside ability of filling each lesson with the great content, Justyna has a good sense of humor and is a very interesting person!”

Patrycja Kordaszewska

“I have been practicing with Justyna for almost two years. I can say without any exaggeration that her classes never have disappointed me. Friendly atmosphere, the teacher’s individual approach towards each student, patience, involvement and sense of humor helps in the practice.”

Anna Uroda

“Justyna Mitka has been my yoga teacher for over 2 years, almost from the very beginning of my yoga adventure.” Her light teaching style, sense of humor, confidence in leading the student, and above all the love for Ashtanga very quickly convinced me of this style and attached me to this way of teaching. Justyna can give you a workout, and at the same time knows how to adapt the practice to meet the expectations and abilities of each student. Her classes awaken huge amounts of energy for the whole day. She has a great feel in adjustments, she approaches everyone on an individual basis and what I value the most, she gently pushes forwards, thanks to which the whole group and each individual, after each class comes out richer with new experiences and with more courage to face challenges posed to us by life. I wholeheartedly recommend her. ”

Diana Piątek