Horses are the best teachers of life. „Horse is a mirror of your soul. Sometimes you won’t like what you see. Sometimes you will“.

Yoga starts and reinforces the processes of changes and gives us power to continue regardless of what is happening around us or within us.

I offer a horse assistated education workshops combined with yoga.

Both advanced yogis and beginners and advanced riders and people who have never had anything to do with horses can participate in those workshops.

I offer yoga classes, meditation and breathing techniques and groundwork with horses.

Horses are very sensitive animals, they react to our feelings. And we can see on which areas we should work on. Beside it those animals have so good energy that we just feel better being aroound them. Only, if we just hug, pat or brush them. They have big hearts and being with them have a healing effect on us.

Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in organizing such a workshop at your place or just if you are interested in participating in it.