I have started to practice yoga because of many injuries and accidents I had due to the horseback riding. Yoga has shown me, how many tensions we have in our bodies and how much they can disturb us. Then I have noticed that we have a lot of tensions in our minds as well.

I practice and teach ashtanga yoga. This yoga style has motivated me to do my own practice every day, changed a lot of things in me, changed the way in which I was perceiving the world around us. I was told once that ashtanga lit up an internal fire. In my case it helps me not to give up, go forwards, to obtain some aims and to fullfil my dreams regardless of some ups and downs which all of us have to face every day in our lifes.

Ashtanga is a classical yoga type. It is a dynamic yoga in which the breathing is very important and the fluent transitions between poses. Ashtanga is for everybody regardless the age, the physical condition when it is tought in a good way. Ashtanga can be tought in a Mysore style (each student is practicing in his/her rythm and the teacher tells the students what will be next and adjusts them) or as a led class (there are variations of the more difficult poses for the beginners and people after injuries). Thanks to the fluent transitions we produce the heat in the body and we enter deeper into positions and remove the toxins from our bodies.

I teach at two yoga schools in Krakow. I can come as well to your place for a workshop.