I offer both the horsemaship workshops and private lessons. You can contact me, if you have a young or a difficult horse or if you just would like to understand your horse better and learn how to communicate with it in a better way and ride it in a better balance and more relaxation.

We are teaching our horses something all the time when we are around them. We put into them more or less consciously wanted or unwanted habits.

Here we need to mention one thing- horses never do anything to annoy us or because they are naughty.  We, humans, are the biggest problem horses have  and we cause their behavioral problems.  When they are out in the pasture normally everything is fine, the problems begin, once we start to do something with them.  People do not realize that frequently they ask horses to do things which are absolutely against their nature (carrying us on their back, for example, is far from being natural for them, because a predator can jump on their back attacking them and even the most domesticated horse has all instincts of a prey animal). Being around horses, we teach them something all the time, sometimes even without realizing it. By our lack of knowledge, experience and skills, we can teach horses some undesirable behavior very quickly, for which they are punished later on,  sometimes even with death.

If you contact me having a problem, I’ll try to help you to define its source and show you the way how to solve it.

We need to work on many aspects in order to become a good rider – we need to develop psychical and physical aspects in ourselves and our horses, but in reality you can’t separate them, because they have a big influence and depend on each other. A horse may be unable to do what we ask it to do, because it is scared, but we may also happen to unwillingly scare it , because we disturb it and put out of balance  or even cause pain with our bad riding.

During the private lessons and workshops with me you will lear both the ground work and you will improve your riding skills.

You will learn among others  (however each lesson or clinic depends on the individual skills and level of both riders and horses, because there isn’t one ideal technique which would help each rider and horse in the world):

  1. Groundwork-  why it is so important for both free time and sport riders (I teach it on different levels depending on the participants, from leading, stopping, bending a horse and longing it up to lateral movements, backing up and other gymnastic exercises)
  2. How to ride in a more effective way with the smallest amount of phisical strength  and in a way which is nice and well comprehensible for a horse
  3. How to make your horse braver
  4. How to ride in harmony with the movement of a horse which allows both a rider and a horse to gain better balance and smoothness.

The goal of all these excercises is to help your horse to become confident and soft. Here it is worth while to mention one thing, if a horse is scared and doesn’t trust us, it isn’t going to do what we ask it to do in a good and relaxed way. That’s why we need to work on it first, before we move on to more complicated accurate patterns. It is worth while to spend some time working on good foundations, otherwise maybe we will be forced later on in the training to go back to them.